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 Hybrid IT Impacts Digital

The convergence of cloud services with on-premises IT infrastructure is now a generally accepted IT architecture. But that doesn’t mean a hybrid IT is easy, and it doesn’t guarantee any benefits or strategic advantage to an enterprise.

Forrester Webinar: How to Let Business Needs Drive EA

It has always been hard to explain the value of EA to the business.  An even bigger challenge is showing how EA aligns to the business’ strategies and can help to achieve objectives.  How can both sides speak the same language?

Molina Healthcare Webinar

Managing the demands of government funded healthcare is a certainly a big challenge.  Re-Chartering EA to deliver positive business outcomes in the midst of massive healthcare reform is an even bigger challenge. 

Forrester Webinar: The State of Strategic Execution 2015

In today’s customer obsessed business world, the race to win, serve, and retain customers, requires firms to have agility in both strategic planning and execution practices.

Leveraging Technology Portfolio Management to Combat Cyber Risk at the U.S. Department of Energy

Business and IT leaders are constantly looking for ways to enhance enterprise security programs. The rapidly escalating cyber threat environment has heightened the risk posed by obsolete devices and software within the IT infrastructure. The enterprise architecture team at the U.S.

Taking the Guess Work Out of Managing the End-of-Life for Enterprise Applications

Technology vendors are not known for diligently publishing the End-of-Life dates for all software they sell.  To make matters even more difficult, this information is usually not discoverable by inventory management tools.  But in the end enterprise IT teams are still on the hook to manage their

A Framework for Managing A Multi-Year Technology Transformation

Following several years of considerable growth and expansion, LPL Financial turned their attention to improving operational performance and introducing new technology to further differentiate their business model.

Evolving Views of IT and Business Alignment  Alignment with Business Capabilities

In this webinar we explore the short comings of the traditional alignment view and suggest an alternative, capability-based view. The presentation uncovers new and evolving views of alignment and discuss a practical approach to implementing IT and Business alignment.

A1 Telekom Austria is a provider of fixed line, mobile, data, and Internet communications services. Faced with an application landscape that has grown costly and complex over the years, A1 has found it difficult to evolve IT as market requirements have changed.

This session will describe how Cisco leverages their business architecture discipline to help the company face the challenges of rolling out new business models to remain agile while meeting market demand.

Watch this exciting presentation about the journey Cargill has taken, and hear of the challenges and successes they are experiencing with their new approach to delivering EA services to Cargill.

Watch this webinar to see Brian Cameron, Executive Director of the Center for Enterprise Architecture at the Pennsylvania State University explore a new framework for determining the EA value measures that are right for your organization.

There is a chronic disconnect in most companies between strategy formulation and strategy execution. The effective management of business capabilities is an increasingly important aspect of product delivery at Fidelity.

Mosaic, a multi-billion dollar global Fortune 500 company that helps the world grow the food it needs, provides an overview of how they established a robust Application Portfolio Management (APM) capability.