The fast pace of change across the business and constrained budgets require a fundamental shift in the way Chief Enterprise Architects support business transformation.   Static and siloed architecture models, one-time snapshots of the as-is state, and disconnected strategic planning processes often based on collections of Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint documents are no longer sufficient.  Decisions must be made with an understanding of the connected enterprise, and answers to mission critical questions must be delivered in less time, with less effort, and more integrity.

Troux solutions empower Enterprise Architects with an agile, yet comprehensive approach to strategy planning and management.  With Troux, Enterprise Architects have the full spectrum of capabilities necessary to develop a more proactive, sustainable approach to planning that aligns IT with the current and future needs of the business.



The pace of business change driven by market, technology, and regulatory shifts is increasing, thus companies are facing new disruptive forces everyday.  The ability to adapt and thrive under these evolving market conditions require business-leaders to abandon traditional strategic planning and investment approaches and shift their thinking and resources towards handling strategic planning as a continual exercise.

Troux solutions deliver business leaders the comprehensive, real-time enterprise insights required to define strategic priorities and identify opportunities for innovation and growth. With Troux strategy executives can bridge the gap between strategy and execution by turning strategic planning into a continuous exercise optimized to drive execution in an environment where business disruption is commonplace.


The dynamic nature of business and the rapid pace of change place a huge burden on CIOs. More than ever, CIOs need to ensure that IT is being managed to meet the needs of strategic initiatives while delivering real-time support to achieve today’s business requirements.  CIOs are pressed to eliminate redundant IT through shared services, deliver cloud-solutions, and embrace evolving technologies to work more efficiently. In order to execute against this charter, CIOs need greater visibility and control over their IT landscape in the context of the business.

Troux solutions help CIOs develop a comprehensive and consistent view of IT across the enterprise to improve visibility, enable fact-based decisions, and execute on activities that increase the value of IT across the business.