As applications portfolios grow and become more complex the human resources and financial capital required to manage and maintain them are becoming more scarce. Organizations need to be able to quickly identify redundant applications, qualify their condition and quantify their business value in order to make informed decisions in the context of business priorities.  

Troux solutions deliver the visibility required to make informed decisions and address these challenges quickly and accurately. With Troux Business and IT leaders can better understand what applications currently exist in their portfolio, gain insights into how they support mission critical business capabilities and quickly identifying which applications are candidates for retirement or further investment.



In order to maintain competitiveness, companies need to continually invest in new technologies. At a time when CEOs are demanding that technology investments return value, CIOs who don’t have visibility and control over their technology estate are fighting losing battles. Resource limitations, shifting priorities and constant technology disruption require CIOs to have a plan that strategically allocates resources to the areas that will drive the most benefit back to the business.

Troux solutions help organizations gain control over their technology estate by showing which technology investments provide the most value to the business. Troux Technology Portfolio Management delivers a holistic view of a company’s overall IT strategy and allows both IT and business leaders to vet technology proposals by matching them with the company’s strategic objectives. With Troux the Technology portfolio can be managed like a financial portfolio; riskier strategic investments are balanced with more conservative investments, and the mix is constantly monitored to assess which projects are on track, which need help and which should be shut down.



Enterprises make major investment decisions continually to adjust to changing market dynamics, whether they are opportunity based, regulatory focused or economy related. Investment planning used to happen in silos and often just once a year. However, today’s business world is changing and investment planning now needs to be strategically aligned to identify, prioritize and deliver the new business capabilities that drive new business.   

Troux solutions allow existing business capabilities to be evaluated in the context of the enterprises’ overall goals and strategies. With Troux strategic investment planning becomes a continual exercise that enables companies to anticipate opportunities and ensures that budgets are balanced and investment dollars are spent in the right places.