Troux Insight provides a powerful interactive and ad-hoc analysis engine for business analysts. With Troux Insight decision makers gain a better understanding of how decisions affect all the moving parts that make up the connected enterprise. Troux Insight allows decision makers to view, analyze, and manage a complex mesh of interconnected enterprise-level portfolios. With Insight business analysts can perform real-time, dynamic, ad-hoc analysis of an organization's business and technology assets. Insight not only shows what assets an organization currently has, but how the assets in one portfolio are connected to the assets in other portfolios.  By clearly showing the connections between technology assets and critical business capabilities, Insight eliminates information silos and provides the contextual information to ensure that decisions are aligned with business priorities.



Troux Navigate provides business analysts and enterprise architects with an advanced report creation environment. Navigate delivers a collection of standard reports that answer over 150 critical business questions to provide a comprehensive view of the IT landscape in the context of the business. With Navigate decision makers have the ability to cascade deeper into key reports to gain additional action-oriented details behind the summary values on a report. Built-in data stewardship capabilities support the ability to federate the management and maintenance of information assets on both an organizational and individual level. Troux navigate also supports the ability to browse, search, edit and report against data stored in Troux’s centralized repository TrouxSource.




Troux Architect is a desktop visual modeling environment used by enterprise architects to create models and analytical tools that promote the communication and analysis of the most complex aspects of the enterprise. Troux Architect is purpose-built to represent organizations, processes, information, technologies and their interrelationships as they exist today, as well as communicate how they will be transformed in the future. Full bi-directional integration with the TrouxSource Platform means the content of Troux Architect visual models can be committed to the Troux repository and is available for query, reporting, and visualization creation. Likewise, repository-based content can be queried and incorporated into Troux Architect visual models.




The TrouxSource Platform Contains a best-in-class metamodel that provides a library of component and relationship types used to represent enterprise assets. Relationship types are based on the best practices of Global 2000 enterprises and government agencies, allowing organizations to model complex portfolios and define how those portfolios interrelate. TrouxSource provides a suite of Troux Enterprise Portfolio Management products. TrouxSource also enables the definition and enforcement of data quality policies that help business analysts and data stewards determine if there is enough data available to execute a report. Data quality policies identify what data is missing, eliminating the need to perform difficult data triage efforts.

The Troux Source Platform also delivers policy governance reports that list all data sources that are not in compliance. These policies ensure data stewards are complying with data governance rules. Data collection tools that facilitate and manage the import of key information from a variety of existing applications and systems are also provided. In addition TrouxSource supports the export of key data to 3rd party business intelligence tools or datamarts for additional reporting