Expert Briefs

Troux is pleased to present our series of expert briefs. These webinars are designed to quickly and concisely present a series of real world best practices and operational insights related to the deployment and support of Enterprise Portfolio Management solutions. The Troux Expert Brief webinar series will feature a variety of 20 minute segments delivered by subject matter experts from Troux. Each webinar will focus on a different aspect of enterprise portfolio management from defining solutions essential to business success to marketing success inside your organization to integrating with important business and IT systems across your enterprise.

Live Expert Briefs

Troux is working with industry experts, analysts, and thought leaders to provide the latest information and best practices. Please check back with us soon for future online events.

Expert Briefs On Demand

How to Achieve Best-in-Class TPM

As technology portfolios evolve and grow more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the connection between the assets in the technology estate and the business capabilities they are meant to support while also continuing to add new technologies in order to stay competitive.

Fast Track To Capability Based Planning

One of the challenges companies face when establishing an Enterprise Intelligence capability is the collection, organization and management of the foundational data needed to inform important decisions.

How to Achieve Best-in-Class APM

Please join us to learn and see first-hand how Troux helps businesses go beyond simple application portfolio management to achieve a more mature, Best-in-Class APM capability that long-term benefits not only through lower costs, but increased business effectiveness and reduced risk.

The world of business is constantly changing. The pace of business change — driven by market, technology, and regulatory shifts — is increasing thus enterprises are facing new disruptive forces everyday.

Watch to learn and see first-hand how Troux can help decision makers use capability modeling to better integrate business and IT strategic planning in order to improve business operations, competitiveness and value.

Decision makers need an agile, yet comprehensive approach to support proactive cyber security threat mitigation. Watch this brief webinar learn how Troux solutions equip executives and decision –makers with insights they need to develop a cyber security plan in their connected enterprise.

Decision makers need an agile, yet comprehensive approach to support Shared Service planning and transformation.

Watch this webinar to learn and see how Troux’s Enterprise Portfolio Management approach can improve your ITIL program.

This webinar demonstrates the integration of BPM applications into Troux EPM solutions and highlight the ability to deliver improved capability-based transformation as well as show how decision-makers can easily identify gaps and redundancies in their enterprise portfolios.

Watch this webinar to learn more about best practices that will help you market your EPM success.

In this webinar we examine the challenges and the benefits of integrating Troux with PPM Systems.

Watch this webinar  to learn more about the best practices that help IT speak the language of business and drive fact based conversations that lead to better Business & IT alignment.

In this webinar we explore the challenges and the benefits of integrating Troux with a CMDB repository.